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Atelier house by BIVAK Studio

"The clients are an artist couple. As a photographer and a textile artist, they both work with light. The structure of the spaces is built on light and very steep and narrow slope of the site. The building is 30 m long, and 4.5 m wide and the headroom of the studio is 7.5 m, a room with a special ratio to meet the needs of their art. The form and its silent homogenity is an answer to the impulsive natural environment." /The Whole World Of Architecture, Iconic Awards, 2023/



New images for KERT

KERT is a small, artisanal brand producing unique, handcrafted plant pots. Let me quote a few thoughts about the brand and the products: "We like the sounding and meaning of the word ‘KERT’ which means garden in Hungarian. It also refers to framing and protecting, as it has common root with such verbs as encircle and compass. The meaning also implies demarcation and inclusion, thus creating a tension that keeps inspiring us." Here is the webshop and more photos.



Artwork documentation 

'Used | Unused' by Dalma Stift

Artist's concept text: The project ‘Used | Unused’ focuses on the unintended changes of materials resulting from repetitive human interactions.Through spatial observations at the Akademie der Künste (AdK) and the Axel Springer Campus, I documented material and color-based compositions using photography. These visual records serve as a key source for my work. At the AdK I meticulously cataloged material interactions, emphasizing their inherent characteristics and details. The resulting frames reveal traces of human touch — alterations that occur unintentionally. By capturing these nuances, I invite viewers to perceive the building from a different angle, appreciating the subtle shifts in material states.

My approach slightly shifted at the Axel Springer Campus. Here, I intentionally excluded contextual information from my close-up images. The goal was to strip away functionality and focus solely on materiality. Isolating objects by reducing them into mere colors and shapes we can observe their appearances more detailed. This process helped me to refine my aesthetic preferences, emphasizing texture, color, and form, which I wished to represent in my work later on.

More photos and thoughts from the artist here.



"Best of" - Group exhibition at MyMuseum Gallery

The Black Tube video installation can be viewed at the "Best of" group exhibition at the MyMuseum Gallery, located on the middle level of Három Holló. Opening: 7pm, Friday, April 5, 2024. Exhibiting artists include HALÁSZ Dániel, LÁZÁR Dóra, MARTINKÓ Márk, MURÁNYI Kristóf, PITI Marcell, RAJNAI Ákos, RUBI Anna, Eirini SOURGIADAKI, TREMBECZKI Péter, VADÁSZI Zoltán, and Isabel VAL. Curated by Tünde TÖRÖK.

Drei Raben, middle level. 1052 Budapest, Piarista köz 1, entrance from Szabadsajtó út. After entering, you can go down to the middle level on the left side next to the counter; the gallery is located on the right at the bottom of the stairs.

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Black tube, video installation, sneak peek, 2019

The installation consists of a black standing tube, on top of which a display is visible through a prism, showcasing an infinite loop video. The video depicts an overhead view of a pool filled with water, rippling and flowing. Due to the use of an old point-and-shoot camera, the image quality is quite reductive, resulting in an abstract, artificial space where the prism highlights the pixels of the display and the tiles at the bottom of the pool. Because of the flow, the abstract space is in constant motion. The prism extends the space infinitely, making neither the display nor the edge of the pool visible.



Reformed Student home by BIVAK Studio

"The excitement of Pápa, with its artisanal-eclectic atmosphere, lies in the layers of temporality discernible from its buildings. The new student dormitory seamlessly integrates into the continuity of the urban landscape with its massiveness and plastic plaster architecture. The building carries within its color and window details the architectural features of the Reform era and late Baroque appearance of the downtown area, but it reinterprets them with contemporary architectural solutions." (Excerpt from the article published on about the building.)



You can find more pictures here or please watch the short film about the student home below.




Sauna by BIVAK Studio

"Now I see that the sauna, standing on stilt-like legs with its huge window surface, also resembles an old television set, you know, the warm, cathode-ray tube type. The river flows slowly, still devoid of foliage, with a grayish-brown winter landscape. We sit here in the sauna, just the two of us - me and time. Silence, the scent of hot wood, gray sky, no birds, no boats. I lazily stretch, flex my joints, wipe sweat off my arms, chest. It's good here. I meditate, become fluid myself. I let something homely, carefree, and friendly surround me. Rarely does one feel this way in a man-made object. I've reached my destination." (Excerpt from József Martinkó's article -



You can find more pictures here or please watch the short film about the sauna below.


This video was originally published under the name Yanep Lust.

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